ILECs and CLECs to Turf Contractors


Can your agent say they have hung backhaul radios at 200' or terminated cable in the PoP? We can! 

We understand telecom world like no other agent. We've done the dirty work, buried the fiber, install the radios, filed the frequency assignment, made the 499 fillings and sat through many a PSC hearing.

Technologist can say it's simply zero and ones, that data is data. However, we all know the telecommunications world has become complex. This mean the knowledge required to protect your investments has become equally complex.  

From Failure to Supply to Data Liability, what can financially harm your company is more than the next lightning storm. Let our experience help you manage your risks.


"Communication is key to good risk management. Understanding your business is the first step."


Communication is key

Making the world smaller adds more risks


Have you thought about....